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Be kind to EVERY kind doesn’t limit itself to just plant based food, but also being kind to the environment by making mindful choices about the lifestyle we are choosing.

  • “A protein powder that I really enjoy and look forward to having not only as my post workout meal but as my breakfast. It fills me up and energizes me to get ready to power through the day!"

    - Latika Kulkarni

  • "It is a value for money. Quality, Amount of Protein and price point is very apt. And most importantly, it feels very light on stomach"

    - Salony

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Newest Plant Protein in Town!!!

Vegan Culture Plant Powered protein is for everyone. Every human body needs protein irrespective of their lifestyle. Formulated with powerful and nutrient rich ingredients, it helps you meet daily protein requirements which are important to maintain a healthy body. Loaded with prebiotics and probiotics, it supports the body in building and maintaining a healthy colony of bacteria and other microorganisms which supports the gut and aids digestion.

Most of the plant based proteins are either tasty or high in protein. But we made it to both. It is delicious and high in protein. Vegan Culture provides 73% protein in every serving.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is plant protein?

Plant protein is a type of protein derived from plants, such as legumes, grains, nuts, and seeds. It provides essential amino acids necessary for the body's functions and muscle growth, making it an excellent alternative to animal-based protein sources.

Why should I choose plant protein over animal-based protein?

Plant protein offers several advantages over animal-based protein. It is generally lower in saturated fats and cholesterol, making it heart-friendly. Additionally, plant protein sources are more sustainable and have a lower environmental impact compared to animal agriculture.

Is your plant protein brand suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

Yes, our plant protein brand is entirely vegan and suitable for vegetarians. We are committed to providing products that align with a plant-based lifestyle.

What are the main plant sources used in your protein products?

We use a blend of high-quality plant sources, including peas, brown rice and chia to create a well-rounded amino acid profile and optimal nutritional content.

How does your plant protein compare to whey protein in terms of muscle building and recovery?

Our plant protein is a complete protein source, meaning it provides all essential amino acids needed for muscle building and recovery, similar to whey protein. Studies have shown that plant protein can be just as effective as whey protein in supporting muscle growth and repair.

Are your plant protein products non-GMO?

Yes, all our plant protein products are made from non-GMO plant sources. We prioritize using ingredients that are free from genetically modified organisms.

How should I use your plant protein powder?

Our plant protein powder can be used in various ways. You can mix it with water or plant-based milk for a quick protein shake, blend it into smoothies, or add it to recipes like pancakes or baked goods to boost their protein content.

Do you offer any flavors in your plant protein range?

Yes, we offer a range of delicious flavors to suit different preferences, such as Belgian chocolate, Alphonso Mango, Cafe Mocha and unflavored options for those who prefer a more neutral taste.

Where can I purchase your plant protein products?

Our plant protein products are available on our official website and select retail stores. Please check our website for the most up-to-date list of locations.

Do you ship internationally?

Currently we do not offer international shipping. However we will keep updating this space in future when we start shipping overseas.

Are your packaging materials eco-friendly?

We are committed to sustainability and use eco-friendly packaging materials whenever possible. Our goal is to minimize our environmental footprint throughout the production and distribution process.

Can I use your plant protein if I'm pregnant or nursing?

While our plant protein is generally safe and nutritious, we recommend consulting with your healthcare provider before using any dietary supplements, especially during pregnancy or nursing.

What is the shelf life of your plant protein products?

Our plant protein products have a shelf life of approximately 18 months from the manufacturing date. Please check the expiration date on the packaging for specific details.